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Q: I do not live in North America. Can I plug my Earthing product into a wall outlet? A: We receive many questions about using Earthing products around the world. To assist you, we have compiled some basic facts you will need to determine the best connecting options for you. Earthing products are designed to be used with an Earthing ground rod placed in the soil outside next to a window or door, or via a grounded wall outlet inside the home or office.

Individual conditions in your home, office, and country may dictate which of these options you use to connect to the Earth. The first thing you need to know is that Earthing products do not operate on electricity, so it does not matter what the electrical current is in your country whether volts or volts, etc. Earthing products simply allow the natural, gentle energy from the Earth outside to be carried inside. When you make physical — bare skin — contact with the Earthing product it is the same as if you were standing or walking barefoot outside.

This is what creates the benefits of Earthing. Our preference is that the products throughout the world be connected to Earthing ground rods, however many people like the idea of simply plugging them into an electrical outlet ground port in their home or office. For people who live in tall apartment buildings high rises , a ground rod may not be feasible, and for people who do not have a grounded electrical system in their home or office, the only option is the ground rod.

The following explanation covers two options for connecting Earthing products. Some are grounded Earthed. Others are not. For this reason, if you want to plug into a wall outlet you will have to determine first whether your electrical system and outlets are indeed properly grounded. An electrician can determine that for you or you can purchase a simple outlet ground checker at an electrical supply or hardware store locally.

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You must use a ground rod. This is quite common in older homes.

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The individual outlet must be tested for correct wiring. In the U. The Earthing cords will not usually fit into international ground ports or contacts. If your outlets are grounded, you will need to obtain a grounded outlet adapter for use with North American appliances in your country. One end snaps onto the product and the other male end inserts into the ground Earth port of the appropriate adapter that is then plugged into a properly grounded electrical outlet.

Adapters are available through local electric supply stores or through the Internet. Others have loose intermittent connections that will minimize the benefits you expect from Earthing. If you do not have a grounded outlet, you will have to use a ground rod Option 2 or have an electrician connect your electrical outlet s to the Earth. Option 2 Earthing sleep systems sheets and recovery bag come with a inch long ground rod included.

The Earthing mats do not include the ground rod. If you want to use a ground rod for use with a mat, it must be purchased separately. It is very simple to do. If there is only concrete and no adjacent Earth in which to put the ground rod then this is not an option for you.

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The Earthing ground rod has a 40 foot 13 meter cord attached to it. You can run the cord under a window or door, just being careful not to sever the cord.

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The cord from the Earthing sheet or mat is connected to the ground rod cord, male end into the female end. Again, very simple. This is how you set up the ground rod. The cords that come with each product can be connected to a grounded outlet or outlet adapter, as described in Option 1 or a ground rod.

If additional length is needed, Earthing extension cords can also be purchased. Available also are splitter cords, into which you can insert the cords from any two Earthing products.

Earthing coupon code

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