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The Agila came into being just before the turn of the century to satisfy a perceived need for a dedicated city car. The answer was provided by Suzuki — which remains part owned by General Motors — in the form of its space-efficient Wagon R. Vauxhall installed its own engines and tweaked the styling slightly, but it remained very much a Suzuki product adapted by Vauxhall. Vauxhall says that the Agila is much more of a joint venture , although it is built alongside the Suzuki equivalent — the Splash.

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Just take them for a quick spin in this new Vauxhall Agila. And because even small cars cannot live by city street alone, how does it fare when removed from its comfort zone? Google Tag Manager. Login Register. Vauxhall Agila review. This latest version showcases the firm's Skyactiv technology and 'Kodo' styling Mazda 2 5. Then a model.

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Driven this week. The range-topping Porsche Cayenne is now electrified - but is it any good? Toyota Land Cruiser Utility 3dr long-term review. Will a basic — and we do mean basic — Land Cruiser cut it as a daily family My last Agila the previous model I owned for 8 years.

I took delivery of this used one on the 1st August. So far I am pleased with it. The car meets my needs as a city car with some long journeys thrown in as well. Very useful having 4 doors plus the tailgate. The roof line is lower on this model making it easier to clean the roof, but the lower roof line does not compromise the head room within the passenger apartment.

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The new shape of the tailgate lessens the amount of rain water appearing on the tailgate window surface. Performance is slightly up from the previous Agila engine and still remains relatively quiet in operation. Fuel consumption is quite good around town and even better on long journeys. The transmission is excellent as usual and the gear ratios are good resulting is fewer gear changes.

Gear changes are easy and smooth. Considering this is a small car the amount of space available inside is really good but there are fewer small personal storage spaces to fill up compared to the previous model. In my opinion the Agila, also known as the Suzuki Splash are good value for money and if driven with care and serviced on time will by my past experience deliver many years of reliable service.

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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the seats in this are a little higher and more comfortable for mobility problems than a normal saloon or hatchback. It is economic on fuel and very reliable during wet or freezing conditions. I had my first Agila for 7yrs. Always passed its MOT first time. Never had anything wrong, worse than 1 puncture. Traded it in because of its age.


Bought a new Agila, that had been a 'demonstration' model. Only a nominal mileage. I discovered that the battery had been swopped.! I had to purchase these separately. And in the 6yrs.

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I have had it,I have had to replace 5,yes 5, different wheel bearings. One of the service centres I took it to, suggested that it could be the alignment.? I paid for this doing. But have still suffered 3 wheel failures since. I got the car for seat height and comfort due to illness, 1st automatic car I had. I would buy again. Nippy little motor,can easily sit 4 adults, bit of squeeze for 3 on the back seat,but can be done! Brilliant for maneuvering, round the smallest of carparks,also very good on the motorway.

Surprisingly good on space when the backseat is down. Petrol mileage is good,better on longer drives. Drives very well in snow and is very reliable in the coldest weather. I got the automatic for my own benefit as hands and wrists getting painful for changing gear, also I find it easier to get into the car, and after leaving it un-used while I was away it started first time even though kept outside.

Please after saying that I hope it still does. As for comfort I need to use a cushion as with all cars to enable me to see over the driving wheel adjustments are never enough to bring the seat up far enough. Would manufactorers please take note. This car is so under-powered it is dangerous. It is the most disappointing vehicle I have ever owned. I can see its practicality as a city car, but I live in a North Scotland village. I think the engine is set to run so lean in the interests of economy that its torque is about the equivalent of a couple of pet mice running in a treadmill.

I can't wait to get rid of the damned thing! Recently viewed. Add your postcode for better results. Search for a car or a van Examples: ford fiesta or mercedes c class diesel automatic. Reviews Vauxhall Agila. The car just completely cut out anytime I drove any further than 20miles Read more Read more Well-designed little car with great value and running costs. Added: 12th of May Manual Petrol Hatchback 5. This car suits me with it's high seats.

Gets me from A to B in comfort, as it's a small engine its a little slow to pull of at junctions, and sometimes I could do with the extra bit of get up an go, however saying that she runs beautifully Read more